September 2014 (specific dates TBA), various locations, southeast New Brunswick- In the early fall our beaches become home to many species of shorebirds on their way from their Arctic breeding grounds to overwintering areas as far south as Tierra del Fuego. Species such as Dunlin, dowitchers, godwit, knots and various "peep" sandpipers are possible and in fact can be quite common. I will teach you the field craft of approaching these birds without disturbing them, to sit quietly with them as they sleep, preen and feed. 

Workshops will run from 0900-1700h and will be centred around the high-tide time on each day. Cost for a 1-day workshop is $150 per person and is exclusive of transportation, meals, refreshments etc. Maximum of 5 people per day. Workshops could be postponed or cancelled due to extreme weather or very low numbers of birds. Cancellation will result in a full refund.

Contact me here for more details and to arrange a booking. 

Dunlin (0068) Buff-breasted Sandpiper (1934)