Indoor workshops

I am available to present an indoor workshop to your group on a variety of nature photography topics. My experience spans over 40 years of speaking to local, regional, national and international groups. My workshops are full of technical and practical information, and are fully illustrated. The goal is to make you a better nature photographer and better understand the medium of digital photography! Topics include:

Bald Eagle (0805)

1. Approaches and techniques for making outstanding wildlife photographs

2. Close-up and macro photography

3. The science of digital photography: what photographers need to know

4. Digital asset management: how to keep track of and archive 1000s of digital images

5. Optimal processing of raw digital images using Adobe Lightroom™


I can also create custom presentations tailored to your specific needs on these and related topics. I can provide training on digital asset management and raw image processing to semi-private groups including one-on-one. Please contact me here to discuss your needs, schedule and my fee (may be waived at my discretion).

Field photography workshops

Why not join me in one of my field photography workshops? I run them at locations that provide great opportunities to come away with some spectacular bird images. I emphasise affordable, one-on-one practical training and keep groups small. Topics include but are not limited to: exposure, composition, lighting and sun phase angle, use of fill-flash, backgrounds and foregrounds, camera angle and head angle, focus point, action and birds in flight, and making sharp images. See below for upcoming workshops.

Gannet photography workshop (with David Elliott)

Our 2018 workshop was a fantastic success and we plan to repeat in 2023.

See details of 2023 workshop here.

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